List of Paintings

Oil on canvas:

Josette (40x30cm)
Woman on Wood (40x30cm)

Market Series:

Anna Regina Market (30x40cm)
Going Home (29x79cm)
Anna Regina Market 1 (76x103cm)
Market Greetings (30x40cm)

The Villagers:

Aunty Ernestine (91x61cm)
A New Day (91x61cm)
Marriage 1 (45x35cm)
Marriage 2 (78x52cm)
Wine in the Wilderness (91x61 cm)

The Children:

Girl with Ribbons (45x35cm)
Brother and Sister (40x30cm)
Maisie in Uniform (40x30cm)
Adriana (40x30 cm)

Corn Row Series:

Corn Row on Diamonds (40x30cm)
Corn Row on Orange (40x30cm)
Corn Row Blue Dress (119x65cm)


Child with Legs Crossed (40x30cm)
Girl in Chair (36x24 cm)
Corn Row 2(36x24cm)
Girl with Pigeons (36x24cm)
Girl with Apple (36x24cm)
Woman Bathing (36x24cm)
Girl with Ribbons (30x40cm)
Girl and Kitten (30x40cm)
Cat (30x40cm)
Trevor (30x78cm)
After School (110x77cm)
Spring Leaves (14x21cm)

Pumpkin Seed:


Transformation 146x110cm

Myth and Reality:

John Brown (30x40)
Minotaur (77x102cm)
Rupununi's Tale (50x60cm)
Girl and Bird (30x40)


1 Pen on Paper (14x21cm)
2 Pen on Paper (14x21cm)
3 Pen on Paper (14x21cm)
4 Pen on Paper (14x21cm)
5 Pen on Paper (14x21cm)
6 Pen on Paper (14x21cm)
7 Pen on Paper (14x21cm)
8 Pen on Paper (14x21cm)
9 Pen on Paper (14x21cm)
10 Pen on Paper (14x21cm)
11 Pen on Paper (24x21cm)